Microsoft will let you install Windows 11 on older PCs but there’s a big catch

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Microsoft has warned that it would withhold Windows 11 updates and even security patches from users who instal an ISO file to upgrade to the latest version of Windows, The tech giant had previously said it would not block millions of users with older CPUs from installing Windows 11, and had suggested downloading and manually installing the ISO file. While the company did not mention the caveat during its original briefing, Microsoft has since told It The company has often extended support, including free patches, even after shelving an operating system. It is likely that Microsoft is discouraging people from thinking that it would offer warranty and technical support for every PC configuration in order to avoid legal challenges in the future. The refusal of Microsoft to issue a clarification suggests it is happy for users to take its The business side of the threat also cannot be discarded. After all, Microsoft is a multinational company with a ubiquitous presence in the personal computer space. It would want as many users to upgrade their systems to make use of the new operating system. Microsoft floated the idea of a loophole to placate some of its vocal users who are unwilling to surrender their old hardware. However, if that loophole got in the way of the company making a handsome profit, it is within its rights to make that loophole less attractive.

Power ministry sets up regulatory compliance division for monitoring

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The Union power ministry said on Thursday that it has set up a regulatory compliance division to monitor the adherence of regulatory parameters by the state-run electricity distribution companies (discoms) and state electricity regulators. Key issues such as timely and adequate tariff revisions, limiting cross-subsidies to acceptable levels and ensuring renewable purchase obligations (RPO) by discoms come under the purview of state regulators, and these regulations not getting implemented uniformly across the country causes disruptions throughout the power sector value chain. Irregular tariff revisions limit the discoms The Centre has already asked the states to restrict the creation of fresh Raising charges for open access and denying open access approvals have also been cited by the industry as a few regulatory constraints impacting the faster adoption of renewable energy. Irregularities in payments to power generators by discoms are also not expeditiously addressed by many state regulators. The latest proposed amendments to the Electricity Act, which could not be taken up in the last parliament session, intended to include enabling provisions to mandate every state regulator to constitute a separate legal bench to address matters related to payments and contractual conflicts. In a meeting with Union power minister RK Singh held on Thursday, the Forum of Regulators (FoR) said that it will prepare norms on various regulatory parameters and issues, which would be adopted by the state commissions. The FoR, constituted in 2005 under the Electricity Act, 2003, consists of the chairperson of the Central Electricity Regulatory Commission and the heads of all state power regulators. To lower the cost of electricity, the power ministry is also working on A recent report by FoR to measure the impact of power purchase cost on retail electricity tariffs had pointed out that discoms in 12 states are cumulatively paying a hefty Rs 17,500 crore a year for the power they don Under contractual requirements, discoms have to continue paying fixed cost to thermal power plants to recover the projects

Over half of India’s adult population received at least 1 dose of Covid vaccine: Govt

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More than half of India In Sikkim, Dadra and Nagar Haveli, and Himachal Pradesh all the adult population have got at least one dose of vaccine, Union Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan said at a press conference. About ramping up of daily vaccinations, he said 18.38 crore doses were given in August during which 59.29 lakh doses were administered daily. The average daily vaccination in the last seven days of August has been 80.27 lakh. On both August 27 and 31 more than one crore vaccinations took place. According to data shared at the press conference, the number of vaccine doses administered daily has increased from 19.69 lakh in May to 39.89 lakh in June and further to 43.41 lakh in July. In Sikkim, 36 per cent of the eligible population have been administered the second dose, in Dadra and Nagar Haveli it is 18 per cent and in Himachal Pradesh it Besides, in Tripura, Ladakh, Daman and Diu, the Lakshwadeep and Mizoram, over 85 per cent of the population have been administered the first dose. Bhushan said that 99 per cent of the healthcare workers have received the first dose of vaccine while 84 per cent of the eligible healthcare workers have taken the second dose. He said 100 per cent of the frontline workers have been administered the first dose while 80 per cent of them have been given the second dose. NITI Aayog member (Health) Dr V K Paul urged people who have not got vaccinated yet to take the jabs. The message of vaccination must be taken to the heartland of India, he said, adding, Vaccine availability is increasing and we must use this opportunity to push back this pandemic. Vaccination is important for pregnant women and their baby otherwise, the risk of complications rises. The more pregnant women can get vaccinated the better, he stressed. Paul also emphasised the need for taking the second dose. The level of protection one gets after the second dose is much higher than the one after the first. The complete guarantee that one gets is after the second dose.

Why automobile companies should invest in AI-based customer care

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User experience and emotion have always been an integral part of their entire journey with the brand when it comes to automobiles. However, It is essential to understand that customer experience is not limited to product features but goes far beyond. It starts when a customer calls at the call centre to inquire about their future cars price, features or book a test drive. The customer journey does not stop post-purchase but goes on. Futuristic service appointments, breakdown handling, repairs all contribute to the customer experience. Each well-attended call, personalized and contextualized email\/text shapes a car owners experience and brings them closer to their favourite brand. In the current world, the typical customer experience when people reach out to an automobile company for their queries, concerns, and complaints is far from being pleasant. In a conventional environment, the contact centres of automobile companies are operated by people with low bandwidth, unstructured data, and without much insight about the customer who is reaching them. As a result, customers either wait endlessly or receive a suboptimal response. However, thanks to the digital disruption, some technologies can join forces with human contact centre agents to address these challenges. AI-powered automated contact centres bring in unprecedented efficiency and help customers self-serve their engagement with the automobile company. Heres how AI-powered contact centres make a difference:- 24\/7 Availability and real-time response Therefore, their response to identical situations could be different at different points in time. An AI-powered contact centre leverages AI to revert to customer queries and have the ability to handle function round-the-clock, respond to a much larger volume of calls, texts, or emails, strictly following the processes, and no threat of data loss. In addition, it can power the brand Personalized Customer Support- AI-powered contact centres enable interactive and personalized conversations by identifying customer intent from the user input. Understanding the purpose helps the AI systems to maintain a friendly tone and be able to more helpful to the customer. Omni-Channel Support Real-time, consistent, contextual, and personalized communication across all channels significantly add value to customer experience. Multilingual Support Linguistic helps develop a better, closer, and humane connection with customers. It helps get drive better conversations and better conversions. Impact on operational cost and bottom line: The AI usually takes care of a good 70-85% of queries across both text and voice channels. Pending queries that cannot be answered by AI due to lack of training data or complexity are seamlessly transferred to human agents with experience in handling such tickets. In addition, a bot can also help collect primary insights about current and potential customers. Business productivity grows substantially, at a much lower contact centre operational expenditure. Due to the reasons mentioned above, AI-powered conversations tools are finding more relevance among automobile companies. Furthermore, as automobile products are increasingly commoditized, customer experience will be the sole differentiator. Thus, automobile business leaders most logical next step is to identify and implement an enterprise-grade-AI-driven-Conversational platform to nurture a deeper connection with their current and potential customers. Author: Dr Rashi Gupta, Chief Data Scientist and Co-founder,, an AI-powered contact centre Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the original author. These views and opinions do not represent those of The Indian Express Group or its employees.

Indian Oil lists foreign currency bonds on IFSC exchanges

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Indian Oil listed has listed its foreign currency bonds on IFSC (International Financial Services Centre) exchanges at Gujarat International Finance Tec-City (GIFT). We are extremely delighted to be here on the momentous occasion of the listing ceremony of USD 1.4 billion and SGD 400 million on NSE IFSC and India INX exchanges, Indian Oil Director- Finance Sandeep Kumar Gupta was quoted as saying in a statement issued by NSE IFSC on Thursday. According to him, the advent of IFSC at Gift City has provided an opportunity for Indian companies to access offshore funds within India. These bonds were listed on the global securities market platform of India International Exchange (India INX) and debt securities market platform of NSE International Exchange (NSE IFSC). These platforms were launched for listing and trading of debt securities in multiple foreign currency bonds, green bonds, masala bonds, notes, among others. The platforms provide an efficient international listing process to issuers with minimum turnaround time and investment opportunities for investors from across the world. Since the launch of NSE IFSC debt securities market, the platform has listed total aggregate Medium-Term Note (MTNs) worth over USD 22 billion; also witnessed listing of issues aggregate to USD 14.12 billion (including USD 800 million Green Bond). We are enhancing the global competitiveness of IFSC by developing complete sustainable finance ecosystem and innovative product offerings. We are committed to provide vibrant financial services ecosystem to attract foreign investment to make GIFT IFSC a global financial hub, Manoj Kumar, Executive Director, IFSCA said. Ravi Varanasi, President, NSE Group said the setting up of international financial services centers in India offers wide range of products to raise funds in various currencies and this is the first time an issuer is doing a listing of Singapore dollar denominated currency bonds in NSE IFSC. The listing and trading of bonds at IFSC would offer cost efficiency as well as enable issuer to access international investors, he added.

Komaki doubles production of electric two, three-wheelers in Delhi-NCR to meet demand

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Komaki has announced that it has plans to ramp up production of its electric two and three-wheelers with the rising demand in the National Capital. The company has sold over 21,000 vehicles in the year 2021 so far across India. As the festive season in India inches nearer, Komaki says that it is sparing no efforts in satiating the soaring demands for its EVs. The company currently has over 300 dealerships across India and going forward, with plans for further expansion, Komaki is aiming to take this number to over 500 in the coming months. With the rising demands in the Delhi-NCR region, the production facility in the region has undergone an enormous expansion to ensure dedicated and swifter delivery, Konaki said in a press release. With its brand new colossal-sized production facility, Komaki will increase the production from the current 4,500 units per month to 8,500 units per month, and hence, recording a substantial leap of 4,000 units monthly. In addition, Komaki has also opened new dealerships across the states of Rajasthan, Maharashtra, and Karnataka. Moreover, another massive production plant is in its development stage that will serve the rising demands of EV vehicles in the regions of Delhi-NCR, the brand confirms. Komaki says that it takes great pride in being a proponent for greener India and simultaneously sticking to its customer-driven identity. Gunjan Malhotra, Director, Komaki Electric Vehicle Division says that all these focused endeavours are to make sure that the company is able to live up to the expectations of the Indian population, especially during the joyful period of festivals. She also adds that Komaki has pledged to pursue this long-standing partnership with its dear customers and by means of that prioritize a sustainable way of commutation in India.