InMobi joins hands with cybersecurity company HUMAN for fraud-free advertising

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Ad-tech player InMobi has partnered with cybersecurity company HUMAN Security. With this partnership, InMobi will directly integrate HUMAN In addition, it is joining HUMAN We are also looking forward to becoming a member of The HUMAN Collective where we can unite resources, share learnings, and innovate on these solutions faster by collaborating more closely with other ecosystem partners, Vasuta Agarwal, managing director, Asia Pacific, InMobi, said. The partnership with HUMAN, accredited by the Media Rating Council (MRC), ensures that customers and partners will be protected from emerging forms of sophisticated invalid traffic (SIVT) including background ad activity, hidden adds, app misrepresentation\/spoofing, measurement manipulation, among others, InMobi said in a statement. Moreover, the move also guarantees fraud filtering and measurement across the platform, covering 100% of the inventory available on InMobi Exchange, the statement added. According to Tamer Hassan, co-founder and CEO, HUMAN, digital advertising needs a trusted marketplace built through global collaboration and strong partnerships for its sustained growth. InMobi Read Also: Havas Creative launches digital campaign for JBL Follow us onTwitter,Instagram,LinkedIn,Facebook

Snickers unveils a new film featuring Vinay Pathak

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Snickers has rolled out a new film starring Vinay Pathak alongside Vedika Nawani. Bringing to life the brand proposition of The film is available in nine languages including Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Telegu, Bengali, Oriya, Gujrati and Marathi. Conceptualised by BBDO India, the new TVC depicts an unusual and outlandish act or decision of the protagonist, as seen in the film where Vinay Pathak, portraying the role of a father, ends up buying a With this new ad featuring actors Vinay Pathak and Vedika Nawani, we have drawn on the tongue-in-cheek humor of the brand to bring to life a comical situation arising out of hunger pangs. At Mars Wrigley India, we are led by our purpose of creating a billion better moments for consumers, customers and communities, and we are confident that the audience will love the new TVC as we celebrate the joy associated with Snickers, Being a part of their quirky new film has been a fun-filled experience and I look forward to seeing how the audience reacts to the ad. I hope they enjoy watching it as much as I enjoyed shooting it, The task was to refresh it for immediate impact – something that will be instantly noticed, distinctive and drive salience for Snickers. The monster truck was it! The incongruity is intriguing! Why has our hero bought a monster truck? A-ha, it Read Also: Ramagya Mart ropes in Randeep Hooda as its brand ambassador Follow us onTwitter,Instagram,LinkedIn,Facebook

COVID-19: India records highest daily tally of 1.25 crore jabs on August 31

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Coronavirus vaccination in India: The country witnessed the administration of a whopping 1.25 crore COVID-19 vaccine doses on August 31, i.e. Tuesday, which is the highest single-day tally in the country for this vaccination drive that began mid-January. This led to India recording the administration of a total of 18.12 crore vaccine doses in August, an increase of close to 5 crore doses as compared to July45 crore doses, according to a report in IE. As per the data of the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, the country has cumulatively administered over 65 crore doses of the coronavirus vaccines. In fact, on Tuesday, India also crossed an important milestone of collectively administering more than 50 crore first doses. However, that is not where things end. The vaccination drive seems to be in full swing, as August witnessed the average daily administration of 58.46 lakh doses, which marked the first month since January that the daily average crossed the 50-lakh mark. Notably, back in April, the daily average doses administered was 29.96 crore, which dropped down in May to 19.69 lakh. This was due to production issues that caused a subsequent shortage of vaccine supply to states. With June and July came a ramped up production effort on the part of manufacturers, as a result of which June saw an average of 39.89 lakh doses being administered while this figure went up to 43.41 lakh shorts in July. Apart from this, in August, it was Uttar Pradesh where the maximum number of coronavirus vaccine doses were administered – 2.46 crore. Moreover, apart from UP, there were seven other states across the country which recorded the administration of more than 1 crore doses during the month – Maharashtra with 1.43 crore doses, MP with 1.42 crore doses, Bihar with 1.30 crore doses, Gujarat with 1.26 crore doses, Rajasthan with 1.19 crore doses, Karnataka with 1.17 crore doses, and lastly, West Bengal with 1.12 crore doses.

Delhi reports zero COVID-19 deaths for second successive day, 46 new cases

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No fresh death due to COVID-19 was recorded in Delhi on Friday, the second consecutive day with no fatality count, while 46 fresh cases were reported with a positivity rate of 0.06 per cent, according to data shared by the city health department. This is the 17th time since the start of the second wave of the pandemic in the national capital that no deaths have been reported in a day. On July 18, July 24, July 29, August 2, August 4, August 8, August 11, August 12, August 13, August 16, August 20, August 21, August 22, August 23 and August 24 and August 26 too, no death due to COVID-19 was recorded, according to official data. On March 2 this year, the national capital had reported zero deaths due to the virus. On that day, the number of single-day infections stood at 217 and the positivity rate was 0.33 per cent. The second wave swept the city during April-May period. On Friday, 46 fresh cases were recorded as the positivity rate stood at 0.06 per cent, while no death was reported due to COVID-19, according to the latest bulletin. Also, 15 positive cases related to earlier weeks were added on the ICMR portal by the central, east and north-west districts, it said. On Thursday, 45 fresh cases were recorded with a positivity rate of 0.06 per cent, according to official figures. According to, a crowd-sourced initiative that collects data on COVID-19 and vaccination in India, Delhi had recorded 17 cases on April 15, 2020. On Wednesday, the city had registered 35 cases and one death, while the positivity rate had stood at 0.05 per cent.

Indiagold to raise $12b mn in funding from PayU, others

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Indiagold – a gold-focused digital alternative credit platform – on Friday said it will raise USD 12 million (about Rs 89 crore) in funding. Indiagold has agreed to raise USD 12 million funding. PayU and Alpha Wave Incubation (AWI) fund will lead the investment round with participation from Better Tomorrow Ventures, 3one4 Capital, RainmatterCapital, and existing investor Leo Capital, a statement said. Launched in 2020 by Deepak Abbot and Nitin Misra, Indiagold offers gold-backed loans, gold savings, and gold locker services to over a million consumers in India. The gold financing business in India is predominantly offline, dominated by the informal segment, which accounts for about 70 per cent of gold loans in India. These loans address the liquidity needs of Indians without access to unsecured credit, which is availed by less than 10 per cent of the total working population. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the demand for short-term, low-cost, safe, and easily accessible formal credit options like digital gold loans, the statement said. Empowering disruptive fintech entrepreneurs through early-stage investments is a key element of PayUs growth strategy. By supporting businesses that complement our existing portfolio, we aim to achieve our vision of developing a fintech ecosystem that will meet the financial services needs of millions of Indians, Vijay Agicha, Global Head of Strategy and Growth at PayU, said. Indiagold co-founder Nitin Misra said India offers a USD 650 billion addressable gold loan market, which is highly fragmented and currently dominated by the informal segment, and even the formal segment hasnt adopted digital practices at scale. Indiagolds suite of financial products bridges this critical need gap by digitally transforming lending against gold. We are proud to have the backing of industry-leading growth investors and take it as a reaffirmation of the inherent strength of our value proposition, Indiagold co-founder Deepak Abbot said. The company is moving aggressively towards its larger vision of establishing gold holdings as an alternate credit score, and creating a gold back credit platform for lenders to provide instant credit against gold, he added.

Afghanistan Taliban Crisis Highlights: U.S. President Joe Biden meets families of 13 troops killed in Kabul airport suicide attack

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Kabul Afghanistan Taliban Crisis News Today August 29 Highlights: The situation continues to stay tensed in Afghanistan ahead of the August 31 deadline for evacuation. Several countries including the UK and Spain have completed their evacuations. The US has reached the final phase of evacuations. Just over 1,000 civilians inside the Kabul airport remain to be flown out before troops are withdrawn from Kabul, said a Western security official as reported by Reuters. As the countdown for the end of Americas longest military mission begins in Afghanistan, the US has evacuated over 2,000 people from the Kabul airport in the last 24 hours, the White House has said. Since August 14, the US has evacuated and facilitated the evacuation of around 113,500 people. Since the end of July, it has re-located approximately 119,000 people, it said. Meanwhile, US President Joe Biden has warned of another terrorist attack on the Kabul airport in the next 24 to 36 hours. The State Department also urged all US citizens to leave the area near the airport because of a The situation on the ground continues to be extremely dangerous, and the threat of terrorist attacks on the airport remains high. Our commanders informed me that an attack is highly likely in the next 24-36 hours, Stay with us as we bring you the latest on the Afghanistan crisis:

PM Modi to inaugurate renovated Jallianwala Bagh Smarak tomorrow

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi is slated to inaugurate the renovated complex of the Jallianwala Bagh Smarak in Amritsar on Saturday. PM Modi will dedicate the historic renovated complex to the country tomorrow via video conferencing and also inaugurate a host of other museum galleries at the historic site in Punjabs Amritsar, according to a press statement issued from the Prime Ministers Office (PMO). The four museum galleries PM Modi is going to dedicate have been built at the redundant and under-utilised buildings at the site and will showcase the series of events that unfolded at the time of the Jallianwala Bagh massacre. The museums have not only deployed the state of the art technology including projection mapping, 3D representation but also installed magnificent art and sculpture installations at the museums. A special sound and light show has also been designed to showcase the tragic events that unfolded on April 13, 1919 when the British forces under the command of General Dyer shot dead hundreds of protestors at the site protesting the arrest of freedom fighters. Other major changes brought during the renovation of the site include the repaired Shaheedi well, rejuvenation of the nearby water pond, broader pathways for convenient passage of the visitors and illumination of strategic places at the site. While PM Modi will inaugurate the event virtually from New Delhi, the site will witness the presence of Chief Ministers of Punjab, Haryana, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Union Minister of Culture and other dignitaries. Jallianwala Massacre Within a few years of his return from South Africa, Mahatma Gandhi had become the true leader of masses by fighting for the rights of farmers, workers and mill workers in a series of small scale non-violent Satyagraha events at Champaran, Kheda and Ahmedabad. At a time when the Indian National Congress was recuperating from the losses suffered after the Surat split in 1907, Gandhiji brought new spirit to the movement against the British by launching his first widespread mass movement in India against the passage of the Rowlatt Act in the year 1919. The movement against the suppressive rule of the British was the biggest since the revolution of 1857 and awakened the common masses against the ruthless policies of the British. During the same 1919 movement, a large congregation of Indians was protesting against the unlawful arrest of freedom fighters Saifuddin Kitchlu and Satya Pal when the British forces under the command of General Dyer opened fire against the unarmed, peaceful protestors. The event shook the nerves of the nation and exposed the cruel face of the British regime. Overwhelmed by the deaths of scores of people and violence, Gandhiji had immediately called off the movement only to launch the Non-Cooperation movement a year later in 1920 with greater vigour.

Big B fan? Amitabh Bachchan is coming up with his own NFTs showcasing life, career, and ‘Madhushala’

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Bollywood megastar Amitabh Bachchan is set to join the global bandwagon around non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The legendary actor will launch his own NFT collection through the NFT platform – launched by celebs and sports marketing and management firm Rhiti Entertainment and NFT exchange platform The upcoming first set of limited edition NFTs will include club. Globally, celebs are cashing in on NFTs. Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, rock band Kings of Leon, skateboarder Tony Hawk, Snoop Dogg, rapper Azealia Banks, Scottish singer Lewis Capaldi, and more had reportedly already launched their NFTs. NFTs convert creative artworks into digital assets which can be traded over a highly secure blockchain network. NFTs also enable the artists to sell their work virtually without having to conduct a physical auction and the fact that NFTs cannot be duplicated, makes the artwork very unique and creates a higher monetary value. In India, NFTs are still in a nascent stage but with a global icon like Amitabh Bachchan endorsing NFTs, we can expect a massive surge in NFT adoption in India,com – a crypto exchange told Financial Express Online. Also read: The opportunities and the growth possibilities that are present within this space is beyond imagination. Artists are latching up to this technology to create a value around their life and work, which was almost dormant earlier, For the uninitiated, every NFT is unique and cannot be traded unlike cryptocurrencies, which are identical to each other, and can enable commercial transactions. For instance, one Bitcoin is equal to another Bitcoin or Re 1 is equal to another Re 1 but NFTs cannot be a medium of transactions because of their uniqueness. In June this year, Binance-owned crypto exchange WazirX had launched South Asia

As COVID-19 leads to increase in digital adoption, Google announces new initiatives for data safety and privacy; Details

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Google Safety Measures: Google has often stated that it is committed to user safety and privacy, and has taken several steps in the past to accentuate that. Now, considering the digital acceleration caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Google India has announced new initiatives and programmes to step up its commitment to online safety. It announced the addition of resources in the Trust and Safety teams in India, along with an updated Google Safety Centre, which would support eight Indian languages. Apart from this, the company has also decided to bring educational programmes focusing on internet safety for children as well as parents. Also read | Scale of digitalisation: A digital-first strategy for the new digital era Google has Trust and Safety teams spanning across the world, and these teams, including both people and technology work to Google has now decided to In a press release, Google said, Apart from this, an expanded Google Safety Centre has also been launched in India on Wednesday. The platform has gone live with support for Hindi, Marathi, Malayalam, Kannada and Telugu, and by the end of 2021, it would also support Bengali, Gujarati and Tamil. This platform is aimed at serving as a one-stop destination that would educate as well as empower the users of the service on digital safety The company said that the platform covers topics like privacy controls, data security, and online protections. Among measures introduced for children and parents is the launch of the global The programme has been designed and crafted by experts in digital safety, the company said, and it aims to help parents, children as well as educators learn about undertaking safe internet practices. The programme has been launched in Hindi and English as of now, and soon it would also be supported in other Indian languages. The company has also announced a partnership with popular comic book publisher in India Amar Chitra Katha and they The privacy experience has also been enhanced with Android 12, Google said, \u201d

Banks take ‘buy now pay later’ route to grow customer base

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In their search for new customers with good credit behaviour, banks are adapting the Some lenders are also working to expand the scope of their debit card EMI facility to cover a larger suite of purchases. Both strategies are aimed at analysing behavioural trends among the younger segment of the population, many of whom have been introduced to deferred payments through the BNPL route. Most of them do not have a credit card or any record of their credit behaviour. For instance, Axis Bank has launched a BNPL product aimed at new-to-bank customers and other banks The product offers a one-month easy payment option to customers. Sameer Shetty, president head – digital business transformation, Axis Bank, told FE that the lender sees it as a way of extending credit to people it would otherwise be unable to lend to as also to those who see this as a convenient way of paying at checkout. If somebody does well on BNPL, that person can then get a credit card, having shown some repayment behaviour, which gives us comfort, Similarly, ICICI Bank The bank PayLater brings more customers into the credit ecosystem and helps them build their credit scores, said an ICICI Bank spokesperson. In the process, it helps them build larger credit relations like home loans, the spokesperson added. Obviously, banks understand the value of cashing in on a payment trend that has gained currency in the post-Covid era. In a March 2021 report, financial technology solutions provider FIS said BNPL is the fastest growing online payment method in India, although it accounts for only 3% of the market at present. On the other hand, bank transfers were found to be declining slowly as mobile wallets grew. Lenders who were already offering an EMI option on debit cards have broadened the set of use cases. Earlier this month, Kotak Mahindra Bank announced that all of the bank Earlier, the option was available only at particular outlets based on a tie-up between the merchant and the bank. Ambuj Chandna, president Despite the increased usage of BNPL and debit card EMIs, banks do not see credit cards going away anytime soon. All three are likely to coexist for the time being. The ICICI Bank spokesperson pointed out that while Paylater offers credit on small-ticket items, the credit lines available for EMI on debit cards are much lower than those on credit cards. Besides, credit cards have an important role in banks Axis Bank